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Literally “painting a rosier picture”

Google replaced satellite images of post-Katrina New Orleans with images captured before the devastating hurricane. Homes that were washed away are now miraculously reinstated to their foundations. This smacks of a sanitized reality. But why?

As a media scientist, this doesn’t sit well with me at all. Google made dubious decisions in the past that clearly show it is not an ardent advocate for the free flow of information, but there is a big difference between stopping the flow of information and showcasing a patently false satellite image view of reality. Cartographers (and the rest) of the world, unite and quash this fiasco!

Sign this petition!

If you read my post about Internet radio and wanted to do something about it, here is your chance. Sign this petition that will be sent to the Copyright Royalty Board. According to Josh Silver, Executive Director of Free Press,

This is not just another petition. The Copyright Royalty Board isn’t used to hearing from the public, so your action can really make a difference. And we need to stop them before the new charges go into effect.

Here, here. Let your voice be heard!

Do you know what naked short selling is?

If you don’t, you should check out this short Bloomberg documentary (25 minutes) on this practice.

I was totally unaware of these sham deals that essentially amount to the sale of non-existent stock shares in US markets, all brokered through the nation’s biggest trading houses. I was also unaware that $6 billion worth of transactions on our stock exchanges “fail” everyday, meaning the purchased stock is never delivered.

It is good to know that I am not so jaded as to be above shock and dismay. This really makes me want to dump some money on the market.