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The old switcheroo, or when the messer becomes the messee

I love this! I am, as usual, late to the blogging punch, but you must check out what Mike D. did over at Newsvine. It seems that a certain massive hypocrite (we will call him John M.) was masquerading as though he knew what he was doing online in the now-passé world of MySpace. If you have ever cringed at your elder’s faux pas while trying to act hip, this will bring a smile to your face.

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KAB awards: bring on the plaques!

Well, while we are waiting for the final word on the SPJ awards, allow me to announce the 2007 Kansas Association of Broadcasters student awards garnered by the students of KUJH-TV and myself. Is this an acceptance speech? Not quite. But I do want to give credit to the unseen contributor, Katie Lohrenz, for her consulting services on the Web site.

The site won first place as “Best Station Web site”! Very exciting! The rest of the KU-centric results are:

Undergraduate Radio:
Sports Play by Play
Honorable Mention: Bryan Cisler, Rustin Dodd

Entertainment Program
First Place: “The Sporting Life” – Rustin Dodd, Blake Cripps, Ryan Elder
Second Place: “The Panel Episode (11.9.06)” – Annie Harrigan, Ian Hrabe, Joe Noh

Undergraduate Television:
Complete Newscast
Second Place: KUJH-TV News (9.18.06) – Kristen Luehrs, Steve Zawilinski, Tami Dreitz, Tracy Perlman, Frank Waugh, Mary Johnson

Hard News Package
Second Place:Jury Selection” – Darica Nisly

Enterprise News Package
Honorable Mention:Elections” – Colin Swartz
Honorable Mention:Family Farms” – Audrey Esther

Complete Sports Feature
Second Place: “Little League” – Rahul Sharma

Entertainment Program
First Place: “KU Q&A” – Scott Winer, Rahul Sharma

Station Website

Graduate Television
Hard News Package
Honorable Mention: “Alternative Transportation” – Heather Brummitt

Enterprise News Package
First Place:Toy Safety” – Heather Brummitt

Complete News Feature
First Place:Seniors Dance” – Heather Brummitt

Clearly this isn’t the domination we have grown accustomed to, but things could have been worse. It gives us incentive to improve and reminds us that K-state, Pitt State, Fort Hays State and Wichita State are capable of putting out a good product. I would link to their work so you could check it out, but you can’t see any of their work online. Maybe next year!

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Time to dust off the dancing shoes!

My work and that of seven of my students achieved finalist status for the Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Awards. The actual place awarded will be announced April 13-14, 2007, at the regional award’s ceremony in St. Louis, MO. The finalists are:

Heidi Fedak and Heather Brummitt, Online News Reporting,
"Seniors dance to their health"

Heidi Fedak and Michael Phillips, Online Opinion and Commentary, "eHub"

Matthew Goble and Patrick Shehan, Online In-Depth Reporting,
"Drought affects Kansans"

James Pinick and Andrew Baker, Online Sports Reporting,
"Evolution of KU cheerleading"

Staff (me), Best Affiliated Web site, ""

The awards will be presented during the Mark of Excellence Luncheon at the upcoming spring conference, April 13-14, 2007, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Stay tuned for results!

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