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Criminy! I’m face(BOOK)ing a dilemma.

I just came to a strange realization: My resume as listed in my facebook profile is more up-to-date than my real resume! When did I become that guy? Am I the only one of us out there? Has anyone else reached this level of absurdity? I sure hope I’m not alone in this. Send help!

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Videotape a parade: how to spend 226 days in jail

Continuing today’s video theme, check out Josh Wolf on The Colbert Report. In case you don’t know, Josh is the longest imprisoned journalist in United States’ history (226 days in prison). After listening to Wolf you are left with the undeniable certainty that Judith Miller is exactly the political strumpet that she appears (my words, not his).

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Fuck you! I won’t do what you tell me…

Those Rage Against The Machine lyrics have never rung truer. This is disgusting and needs to be spread far and wide. I was not laboring under the impression that freedom of the press was flourishing, but this is completely unconstitutional and the reporter in question needs to sue for false imprisonment. Enjoy!

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