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upgrading, hold on

If the lights are flickering, please bear with me as I upgrade.

Upgrading now complete. I’m now running strong with WordPress 2.5 and loving it! Thanks for your patience.

I now have polling!

Forget the Pew Center or NBC/WSJ polls. Those “oversampled” ballots aren’t worth the effort when all you need to do is dial up a little and let your voice be heard! That’s right, I finally got the Democracy polling plugin installed, so now you can answer my questions, from the inane to the insightful. Vote early and vote often, won’t you?

Have a wunderbar weekend!

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Jack LaLanne: not just a juicer and high stepper

Jack LaLanne on unhappy people

I grew up knowing Jack LaLanne as a crazy old man shilling a box to step on and a high-quality juicer. Evidently, his wisdom runs deeper than simple motor skills and delicious beverages. What was true then is still true today. Keep it simple, stupid.

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