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Amazed or horrified? I think both.

Boston Dynamics' Big Dog

I was transfixed while watching this creation that sprung (literally) from Boston Dynamics with DARPA funding. It reminds me of both the Imperial Walkers on Hoth and a deer running around with its head cut off. Dubbed the “Big Dog“, it will surely haunt my dreams. Definitely worth a look.

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Quotable – Mitch Zeller

I’m convinced that there’s very little we can do on the toxicant side. But imagine a world, however many decades from now, in which the cigarette remains as deadly and toxic as it is today, but it’s not addictive because there’s no nicotine in it.Mitch Zeller
Former Director, FDA Office of Tobacco Programs

Uh, w00t? I guess?


Quotable – New York Magazine Editors

Murdoch, Zuckerman, and Dolan

Image: Getty Images

Murdoch, Zuckerman, and Dolan

Caption from this image:

When rich men smile at you like this, it’s time to run.New York Magazine Editorial Staff

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