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Seek the truth: Jeremiah Wright

I’ve got a new segment for you: Seek the truth. The title is self-explanatory. For this first installment, I suggest you take a look at Bill Moyer’s interview with Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

If you’ve been living in a cave of late, Wright is a major flash point in the current presidential election cycle thanks to selective editing of sound bites from some of his sermons. Those sermons are shown in context during Moyer’s interview and that context is essential.

Whether you agree with Wright’s views or not, it is important that you see the entirety of his thought. This learned man deserves better than to be reduced to politically advantageous audio clips and the American public should demand more (and better) from the mainstream media.

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Earth…make it happy today

Earth Day wisdom, compliments of

Image: someecards

Earth Day wisdom, compliments of

I got this gem from my good friend Sim. You can send it to someone yourself just by clicking on it. You can also find many other irreverent (and eco-friendly) cards at someecards.

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Kat Williams opines on American Idol

My cousin Kat (yes, with a “K”! Way to fact-check, NPR!) is a doctoral student candidate at UCLA and, evidently, a folklorist! She was interviewed for a piece on American Idol by NPR’s Kim Masters. It aired yesterday morning and you can listen to the story here. Way to go, Kat! Keep up the excellent opining! Perhaps one day soon I can get you to start writing a column here?

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