I’d been planning on writing a tirade against Obama and his support for the criminal FISA bill. Instead, thanks to the tutelage of Messrs. Olberman and Dean, I can just wait and see what happens. I’ve never been a doting supporter of Obama. He is, after all, a career politician and therefore beyond trust. But he did represent the most-electable hope for change and change is what we should be seeking as a nation (for best hope for change, see Ron Paul). Watch the video and then join me for a couple thoughts after the jump. It gets particularly excellent around the 7:30 mark. Kinda long, yes, but isn’t the aforementioned possibility of ACTUAL justice worth waiting for?

MSNBC: Keith Olberman on Obama's FISA opportunity

The thought of locking up the un-American telco criminals, along with the Bushies…oooh…makes me weak in the knees. Can you imagine feeling an actual sense of justice in this day and age? I hope this isn’t another ploy by the MSM to placate you and me.

Even considering my tepid support, I was crestfallen to hear that B.O. was going to vote for a bill that included immunity for the colluding telco execs that helped the government illegally spy on you and me. For Obama to support anything that includes a waiver of immunity for corporations that chose to violate the constitutional rights of every citizen with a phone or internet connection is unforgivable.

There is no way that B.O. is such a crafty and thoughtful attorney that he plotted his stance around the “citizen’s loophole” that has been discovered by former Attorney General and no-account felon John Dean and the ACLU, so Obama gets no credit as Olberman points out. Damn, this turned into a bit of a tirade. Well, at least it wasn’t rambling.