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Quotable: James Dobson

From the New York Times:

James C. Dobson, the influential conservative Christian leader who said in the primaries that he could never vote for Mr. McCain, said the selection of Ms. Palin had won him over. If he went into the voting booth today, Mr. Dobson told the talk radio host Dennis Prager on Friday, “I would pull that lever.”James Dobson

I’ve had serious doubts about McCain’s viability as a candidate all along, but if Palin makes Dobson say yes, then it is the duty of all rational, thinking individuals to say no to McCain.

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RFID: sometimes acting guilty proves your guilt

Adam Savage on RFID secrecy

Those of you that have spent any amount of time with me have undoubtedly heard me rant about the dangers of RFID tags (and their awesome potential). Well, here is a great clip of Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) speaking at the HOPE hackercon about their experience when trying to do an episode about this modern harbinger of informatic doom. The first 2:30 is the key part on RFID and the next 2:30 includes Adam’s take on the crap shows that have spawned out of the Mythbuster’s mold…and yes, this is yet another piece in the puzzle that is my love affair with the geniuses over at BoingBoing.

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Matthews, Olberman fail to mention use of pepper spray, billy clubs

MSNBC: Neither Matthews or Olberman mentions pepper spray.

Now, from the top of this, I’ll admit I didn’t watch every moment of MSNBC’s coverage of last night’s portion of the Democratic National Convention. But, I did see a substantial portion of it and during that time, there was not a single audible mention of the fact that police were using billy clubs and pepper spray on protestors outside the convention center. Watch the clip above and you can see tt was scrolling across the screen under their giant talking heads. Unfortunately, there was no aural alert for the audience.

Once again, we must turn to the internet if we want even a scant chance of getting the truth and once again the great importance of internet neutrality is in the spotlight.

For actual coverage of the convention and the goings on, I suggest you check out Boing Boing and blogger Ethan Persoff’s first-hand reporting of the events as they unfold. Here’s a snippet from Ethan’s experience last night:

It’s at this moment that the ‘early big moment’ happened. Just to repeat: the cops were caging these kids in, tighter and tighter. So a tall guy makes what seems to be a break for it. And that’s where I happened to be in a good place for a very clear view. Due to our alley detour I was standing about fifteen feet from what happened. And it happened in such a quick blink of an eye that you’d miss it if you sneezed. My excuse for not having a photo is because just as I hit the shutter I swallowed in a gulp of pepper spray that misted through the air forcing me to recoil and lose the shot. But I’ll happily go in a court of law to say I saw a guy with no weapons run at a bunch of police, immediately get shot with rubber bullets, and then receive what looked very much like a pistol whipping. The sound of clattering metal billyclubs on the pavement, indicating missed shots, is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget either.Ethan Persoff

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