I spent a bit of the morning watching what the msm has to offer on this horrible anniversary. Not surprisingly, I was unimpressed. You really have two choices: coverage of Hurricane Ike and old news coverage from 9/11/2001. MSNBC was literally playing their old news programs. After seven years, this is what passes as introspective reflection? Is this really the best we can do in this country? The answer is no.

Thankfully, we have Loose Change to consider. Loose Change 9/11 is a documentary that takes a broader look at what happened on 9/11/01 with a critical eye that remains unavailable to the msm. The run time is 130 minutes. You can watch it below or you can check it out at the Loose Change blog.

I don’t know the truth about what really happened on 9/11; few do. But we all know about the aftermath in this country and around the world. The fallout consumes many of the posts on this site. Loose Change asks many questions that demand answers from our government, questions the mainstream media doesn’t have the balls to ask and questions the government seems uninterested in answering. Isn’t that what journalism is all about? Asking tough questions until you get an answer? It should be.

Loose Change 9-11: Final Cut (130 min.)

Maybe today isn’t the right day for you to watch this film. I can understand that. Many have been affected by 9/11 in more personal ways than I. Even if today isn’t the day for you, you really should take the time to watch this important piece of independent journalism in the near future. The future of our republic just might depend on it.