ABC News: Charles Gibson interviews Sarah Palin

When I heard Charles Gibson was tasked with interviewing Sarah Palin, I groaned. Clearly, the entertainment executives over at ABC News wanted Ms. Palin to have an easy time of it and hoped that Gibson would turn in a milquetoast performance ala this year’s debates. Now, I’m not saying his performance throughout the Palin interview was stellar. Honestly, I haven’t seen all of it. But I will give credit for moments of good journalism when I see them and the video above is about as close as the msm gets.

Gibson asks his question numerous times in the face of dim-witted rambling and, though he never gets an answer, the lack of an answer is self-evident. Palin is either unprepared to or unwilling to answer the question and that speaks volumes about her. It appears that the McCain camp thought they could put up this political tike and the rabble would be so excited by her story they would overlook her gross ineptitude. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen. If Biden would actually vote on important issues, he would clearly be ahead in the VP game. With leadership like this, it is no wonder we are in this national funk.