It has been a very long time since I agreed with the White House on anything. So long, in fact, that I cannot recall the last time I did agree with anything that sullied institution has done. But today, credit is due to someone operating in the Executive branch and I will give them their due.

The Bush administration is opposing sweeping legislation that has sailed through the Hollywood rubber stamp known as the U.S. Congress. Included in it is the ability (and impetus) for the Department of Justice to prosecute civil cases of copyright infringement via a cabinet-level Copyright Czar. That’s right, it would remake the DOJ into Hollywood’s in-house council.

I have nothing to add to that to make it any more absurd.

So, kudos to the Executive branch for having a modicum of sense.

Check out this Wired article for more details and to figure out which Congressional jackasses need to get an earful for this fiasco.