Late Night with David Letterman - McCain bails

The video above is the monologue and the early segments of Late Night with David Letterman from September 24, 2008. It also includes a snippet of his interview with Keith Olberman.
The full interview with Olberman can be found in two parts after the jump.

This was a great moment in television. I just wish a journalist, and not a comedian, had been at the helm. You can get the crux of the situation from the video, but here is a synopsis for the search engines: McCain was scheduled to be on Late Night with David Letterman last night. McCain has been on Late Night many times before and Dave has the utmost respect for what McCain did serving this country. But last night, at nearly the last minute, McCain calls Dave personally to tell him he won’t be there because the “economy is cratering” and he has to leave immediately for DC. Dave says, “do what you gotta do.”

But then he starts thinking about the situation and the result is political comedy genius as Dave picks McCain, Palin and the entire campaign (and bailout) apart on a totally non-partisan basis.

Watch and enjoy!

Letterman and Olberman - Part 1

Letterman and Olberman - Part 2