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Well, Congress seems to have a plan in the works and while it isn’t the Paulson plan anymore, it is still terrible and anathema to the notion of a free market.

I’ve been asking all of you to write to Congress and share your views (particularly) on this subject, but really on any that floats your boat. Remember, these assholes work for you and me. When your employees get out of line in your office, you let them know about it, don’t you? Well, to aid in this effort, I thought I’d pass along The Consumerist’s guide to writing to Congress to make sure you get the most bang for your letter-writing buck.

Every office has its own procedures for tabulating constituent correspondence, but most will produce a report at the end of week breaking down how many letters were received by issue area, separating out form letters from letters sent by individual constituents.

Members treat each type of letter differently, but most look for individual letters as a barometer of their district’s concerns. These are the letters that have the most influence, the ones we will show you how to write.Carey
The Consumerist

As that guide points out, form letters get less attention than individual letters. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t use the forms I link to, such as this one. Just type your text into the appropriate box. Et Voilà! You have an individual letter that will immediately get emailed to your reps. You can also use this link to look up your reps phone numbers to call them directly in DC.

It looks like they are going to try to rush a vote today (Sunday) before the markets open in Asia. Get on the horn, people! It’s go time!