Riddle me this: if the title of this piece is true, why did I get notices from both JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America today informing me that they had dramatically increased my credit limits? I guess I should mention that I am not wealthy, by any stretch of the imagination. If they can afford to offer me thousands of dollars more of unsecured loans, unsolicited, why can’t they help these poor, legit, mythical businesses that “might not make payroll” this week?

I call bullshit!Patrick T. Lafferty
Raconteur; Proprietor, FortunaFaveat.com

There is ample liquidity in the market. The problem is that all of these fine, upstanding businessmen and businesswomen know how corrupt they are themselves and therefore aren’t willing to risk lending money to anyone else because “they” could be even more corrupt. It’s almost like a lack of transparency and regulation results in an inefficient market?