I have an anonymous friend who has commented here under the name “Perhaps a sample of one was too small…“. He is a loan officer at a local bank and had this breaking news to report shortly after the House of Representatives passed (and Bush signed) the Bailout today:

I have been face deep in the awfulness of work and didn’t realize the bailout (complete with enough pork to feed the gentiles of this world for a decade) had passed. But things are starting to make sense.

I couldn’t figure out why, but about an hour ago money started flying from the teller drawers and shooting from my disk drive. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (or be too concerned with the textbook definition of “theft”) I immediately scooped some up, bought 20 Alt-A mortgages, packaged them, sold them for 3 times what they’re worth, and borrowed against my future earnings. Mortimer, we’re back!!!Anonymous
Loan Officer