America: Freedom To Fascism (111 min.)

Now that the Fed is trying to use a printing press to dig us out of this mess and buying terrible debt, we are really screwed. We have almost no oversight over the Fed. Most people know almost nothing about the Federal Reserve system. Time to learn! I can sit here and rattle off point after point proving why it is a terrible system and why it should be removed (Ron Paul, anyone?). Instead, I beseech you, watch the documentary, “America: Freedom to Fascism” above (run time: 111 minutes).

This film should be essential viewing for both children and adults. I had the pleasure of seeing this in the theater when it was originally released. Unfortunately, the film’s producer, Aaron Russo, died in 2007. I would love to hear his take on the current election cycle. It will open your eyes about the IRS, the Federal Reserve System and the long history of erosion of the “freedoms” we believe we have as Americans. Spoiler alert: we are not free.

Please, if you don’t have 111 minutes right now, bookmark this post and watch it when you do. But if you can, watch it before tonight’s presidential debate and then get online and ask the candidates about it. What a wonderful shot at democracy in action! Please excuse me if I don’t hold my breath.