Obama campaign video: McCain and The Keating Five

This video is making the rounds on the interwebs today and yes, it is a product of the Obama campaign. I present it to you not as an operative for Obama, which I am absolutely not. In fact, this is a piece of history that many in the United States just don’t know about or have chosen to forget. John McCain was at the heart of the last major financial crisis in America, the Savings and Loan scandal of the mid 1980’s. He was, in fact, one of the infamous “Keating Five“. Personally, I was too young at the time to be more aware of it than a passing recognition of the phrase. I figure that if I am unaware of it, you might be too. So, check out this 13 minute video that, while it is a political tool, contains much archival footage of McCain’s visit to the ethics committee. It is a worth-while refresher for a piece of history that today’s financial cheats would prefer we forget about, not to mention John McCain.

Thanks, Jen!