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Sarah Palin ran political fundraising organization for a convicted felon

Let me make this clear from the beginning: I have nothing against convicted felons, per se. Some of my favorite people are convicted felons. I can also tell you that you inevitably know many people that actually are felons but never face any charges due to some horrible law and our ludicrous (in)justice system. Glad we got that out of the way. Now, back to the story at hand…

In light of Sarah Palin’s predilection to the phrase “palling around,” I think we should focus on who she likes to pal around with. She was one of three directors of Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc., a 527 organization that was tasked with raising unlimited corporate contributions for Mr. Stevens’ political aspirations. That’s right, that is the same Ted Stevens who was convicted on Monday of seven counts of making false statements, a felony corruption charge for violating the public trust and lying about hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts he received from the same “Big Oil” companies that Sarah Palin is so fond of claiming she stood up to in Alaska. Stevens could serve a max of five years per count, but isn’t expected to serve anywhere near that amount of time. Palin’s involvement with Stevens has been lightly reported in print and online news sources, but little has been said about it on TV news, save this:

MSNBC: Sarah Palin's myriad abuses of authority

Allow me to sum up Sarah Palin’s outside-the-beltway experience: She ran a political action group for the longest serving Republican Senator (Bingo! Ted Stevens!) and used some of the same contractors/political cronies to build her home (and the $12 million Wasilla Sports Complex) that Steven’s used in the crimes he was just convicted of committing. The only difference: the company that built her house (Spenard) also has ties to her husband Todd, the “shadow” Governor. Specifically, they sponsor his snow machine team. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and is convicted like a duck, it is probably a duck.

Those of you that are still laboring under the delusion that Sarah Palin is somehow “outside the beltway” or even “folksy” in any way. save accent, do yourself a favor and watch that segment above with Wayne Barrett and then read his reporting in The Village Voice.

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Steal back your vote!

TRUTHOUT: The Steal Back Your Vote campaign

In the immortal words of Howard Zinn, you can’t be neutral on a moving train. This mantra has meaning in all things that we do, but it gains a particular resonance when considered within the framework of American society today. With that in mind, I bring to your attention the work of Greg Palast. Palast is an investigative reporter who first came to my attention following the 2000 presidential election when he was out in front investigating the vote fraud and disenfranchisement in Florida.

Most recently, he partnered with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to create a visually-stimulating guide for American citizens to help us fully realize our suffrage. They also partnered on an investigative piece that is published in this month’s Rolling Stone and it is free on the web.

Their research will anger you and (hopefully) inspire you. Regardless, it is definitely worth taking a look at this information. After all, as Palast and Kennedy put it, your vote has already been stolen from you. Your only defense is to steal it back.

More to follow on knowing and protecting your rights at the polls on November 4. Stay tuned!

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If you are so inclined, the tip jar is open

Dear reader,
I’ve been getting some decent traffic levels and have been trying to figure out if I should advertise on the site or set up a tip jar or what. I’ve had requests to advertise on the site, but the deals never panned out. I’ve also had inquiries about a tip jar. Recently, Jon Taplin was facing a similar dilemma and he went with a tip jar. His rationale makes a lot of sense to me. “…When I look at some friend’s blogs with Google ads, it just seems stupid. As we talk about the sub prime mortgage crisis, ads would appear offering sub prime mortgages.”

That wouldn’t jibe with my philosophy, either. So, I am now the proud owner of a PayPal tip jar. You can find it above the search box. I cannot stress this enough: no pressure. If you like what you are seeing and want to throw some e-coin my way, wonderful. If you love what you are seeing and don’t want to give me a dime, wonderful. I do this for the benefit of humanity. Any filthy lucre would just be gravy. Thank you for your consideration.


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