Back in May, I beseeched my fellow Kansans to stand up and say no to new coal power plants. There is no such thing as “clean coal”. It is a myth that grips many Americans, including our President-Elect. But enough mythbusting; I have good news to report!

Yesterday, the Sierra Club won a battle for all of us in the fight to modernize our infrastructure and move away from fossil fuels. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Appeals Board ruled EPA has no valid reason for refusing to limit the carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change from new, coal-fired power plants. This means all new and proposed coal plants nationwide must go back and address their carbon dioxide emissions.

Kansans still face the possibility of new coal plants, so contact your representatives and tell them that you expect them to leave coal in the 18th century where it belongs. Let’s seek out 21st century technology for our modern energy needs. As you can see, this is not a death knell for coal, but an important roadblock for the coal industry and a window of opportunity for the renewable energy movement. Kudos to the Sierra Club!

Via Good