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Tell Kathleen Sebelius to keep fighting “big coal”

Kansans and non-Kansans alike, please take a moment to click through to the CREDO action site to send Kathleen Sebelius a fax (free, of course) telling her to stay strong in the fight against new coal power plants.

On November 18, Sunflower Electric Power Company filed a lawsuit alleging that state officials violated the Commerce Clause and Sunflower’s equal protection rights when they denied Sunflower’s permit application to build two 700 MW coal-fired power plants in southwestern Kansas.CREDO action

Dear readers, what is mantra #2? Look at it. It is right over there…(points eyeballs towards right-center of screen)…repeat after me, “A corporation does not have inalienable rights!” Very good, class!

Equal protection? Are you kidding me? The really sad and disgusting thing about this lawsuit is that under the current legal structure in the United States, corporations DO have a right to equal protection under the law. That is equal protection to that afforded to you and me, the actual, human citizens. This mentality must change. These laws must change. Take a moment to contemplate our current reality. Do you think corporations deserve protection equal to you, an individual citizen? Do yourself a favor and check out The Corporation. It is a wonderful compendium of the history of the entities known as “corporations” and the evolution of their rights in the United States. A riveting film and essential viewing for anyone that wants to understand our current economic crisis.

So, that’s two things to do: 1) Tell Sebelius to keep fighting and 2) Watch The Corporation. If I were you, I’d get all this homework done now so you can just relax over the long weekend. Even better, kick back with your family and watch the movie! Spread the word! Keep fighting the good fight, one turkey corporation at a time!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Sarah Palin

'Gobble, Gobble,' said Sarah the turkey.

Nevermind the turkey slaughter in the background. Sarah just wants to talk about how she is relieved to be away from such a cutthroat business. Happy early Thanksgiving from the Palins to you!

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How can we have anything but a single-payer system?

You know, I get really sick and tired of hearing people claim that the U.S. health care system is anything more than an oxymoron. I could regail you with facts and figures, but that has been done before. I can attack the boilerplate response to a single-payer system, “you’ll wait 2 months to see a doctor”, by telling you that I am currently waiting 2.5 months to see a doc in our “free market” system (and I’m certainly not alone in that). But I’d rather focus on real, pragmatic, first-hand reporting from inside these scary, spooky, “other” worlds. You know, places like France and the United Kingdom. Boogedy!

Do yourself a favor and read Steve Weissman’s report for Truthout about the French single-payer system. Weissman worked for many years in London as well, so he knows that experience, too. In fact, the taxes he paid to the UK now cover his health care in France. What a concept!

It is time for the citizens of the United States to tune out the noise coming from the medical-insurance complex (not my term, but a good one) and do what is right for ourselves. We have the opportunity to take the single-payer system and make it work for us! We don’t have to blindly adopt another country’s system. We can use our ingenuity and make it the best system in the world. But first, we all need to get serious and get on board with the new mantra: single-payer or bust! Disagree and have the intellectual wherewithal to back it up? Meet me in the comments section!

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