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Well, I was against the bailout for Wall St., so it should be no surprise that I’m against a bailout of the “big 3” in Detroit. Our total “bailout” commitment thus far tops $8.5 trillion, but this one should really piss you off. The thing is, my Wall St. stance was one of principle. This time, it is based on cold, hard facts. General Motors actually had a fleet of all-electric cars on the road over a decade ago, but chose to literally repossess them from happy owners to prevent the spread of the technology. That sort of near-sighted avarice demands punishment. I say, let ’em swing. As far as proof and citation for these seemingly ludicrous facts, look no further than the stunning documentary, Who Killed The Electric Car? Watch the trailer above, then go rent or buy the movie today. You will be compelled to contact your representatives and tell them to put the kibosh on any bailout for Detroit, though I have a particular distaste for GM.