Lawrence Memorial Hospital will be the first hospital in the nation to use boxed instead of bottled water, beginning this Wednesday. While this isn’t anywhere near as efficient as reusable cups and tap water, which we all should be using, it is a step away from plastic bottles. I’m not too sure I want to be using re-usable cups in a hospital anyway. I’ll find my efficiency elsewhere, thank you.

ECO-Choice Natural Spring Water’s packaging is made from 74 percent paper. It is derived from renewable and sustainable resources. For example, the manufacturer uses wind energy to produce them. For every tree used for packaging, two trees are planted in its place…[and] because the cartons are square in shape, the company can transport more of them at a time, thus using less energy to store and transport them.Karrey Britt
Asst. Assignment Editor,

Nice job, LMH!

Thanks, Shannon!