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Obama evicerates Habeus Corpus

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

In a speech that beggars reason, former constitutional law professor Barrack Obama proposed a new system of “Indefinite Preventative Detention” through which anyone believed likely to commit a crime at some point in the future, U.S. citizen or otherwise, can be locked up forever without charge, trial, jury or appeal. Anyone read Phillip K. Dick’s The Minority Report? Maybe you saw the movie? Remember how well those experiments in “pre-crime” turned out?

This honestly makes me so angry I can hardly type these words. When Bush suspended Habeus Corpus, it was an indefinite suspension. As Obama said in his newspeak-riddled speech, his goal is to codify a new system altogether, one that legalizes indefinite detention. Why? Because he isn’t above the law. Holy shit! I cannot believe I am forced to qualify Bush’s Sherman-like slash-and-burn of our civil liberties as a lesser evil! Damn you, Obama, for making me do that!

I love the fact that we have opened up stem-cell research and no longer fund ostrich-only education, but this is unforgivable. Throw the bastard out!

Vent with me and listen to the wisdom of The Tossers…


The Tossers - The Ballad of N.A.T.O.

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A hostile post from a hostile human

In Professor Lafferty's classroom, there are stupid ideas and stupid people, but they still have the right to free speech.

Illustration: Patrick T. Lafferty
Images: New Scientist, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

In Professor Lafferty's classroom, there are stupid ideas and stupid people, but they still have the right to free speech.

I sat down to write about this post over at Wired’s Threat Level and an entire diatribe on the human condition started pouring out. Not only was that not my point, but worse, it wasn’t a good diatribe. So I’ve boiled it and completely dehydrated it down into the following delicious bouillon cube of humanity:

Human beings are strange creatures. We are inevitably confronted by evil that wells from within us all and that evil is fomented by our waning society. We create false constructs to deal with that evil and place them between ourselves and the other human beings. We do this because many of us don’t recognize the only cure is the antiseptic of understanding and accepting each other. This is the human dilemma.

To my original point, Rep. Linda Sanchez’ (D-Los Angeles) bill (H.R. 1966) is moronic and seems to be striving to make all of us less human through censorship. By her reasoning, this post, designed to “coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person,” warrants my incarceration for up to two years. Please don’t let her stupidity spread beyond the 14 17 (eek! It’s spreading!) co-sponsors of this legislation, conveniently listed for your derision after the jump.

Do us all a favor and hug a human being today. Read the rest of this entry »

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A transparent look at our penal colony

Video: GOOD

Jailbirds, from the GOOD show Transparency

Take a moment and watch this great (and brief) entry from the GOOD series Transparency entitled “Jailbirds”. The production values alone make it worth watching. By no means is this an in-depth (and therefore, more damning) look at our penal system, but even these prima facie points compel change.

[Unfortunately, Good pulled the embedding feature off this video, so you can’t see it here anymore. You can still check it out on the Good site.]

Given the devastating losses in public education funding (1, 2, 3) we are seeing across the nation, don’t you think it is time we reconsider our draconian penal system? That says nothing of the embarrassment that we, the land of the free, jail more people than China and Russia combined.

This needs to change. Leadership needs to occur at the state level, a pulpit much more easily managed by the populace. A few key decisions by a Governor can turn these horrible statistics around. Let’s get started!

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