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Quotable: Navajo proverb

It is impossible to awaken someone who is pretending to sleep.Navajo Proverb

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Quotable: Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.

Come buy a 2009 (Model X) and get $4500 with government voucher. [emphasis added]Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.
CARS marketing language

Have you seen this ad language on TV yet? It is from the CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) marketing campaign. If we can socialize cars, we damn well better be able to socialize education and medicine. I’m the socialist and they are the free marketeers? Riiiiiiight.

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'Destino' by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali

Destino serves as a reminder of what a magical and mind-blowing place the Disney vault must be. This is the long-lost collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dali. The work began in 1945 but was not completed until 2003. No time to dilly-dally! Watch this before Disney pulls it from YouTube. Absolutely gorgeous and not available on DVD.

Thanks, Ranjit!

Edit: It has been pulled. I hope you enjoyed it while you could!

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