The ghost fleet lingers off the coast of Singapore

Image: Richard Jones/Sinopix

Thousands of ships float off the coast of Singapore and Malaysia. Never before photographed, this armada exceeds the U.S. and British navies combined.

You are looking at the largest and most secretive gathering of ships since humans returned to the seas. Well, that is the impression of the Daily Mail’s Simon Parry in his fascinating article and I’m hard-pressed to argue. They are parked off the coast of Singapore and Malaysia, crewed by solitary Indian sailors, rusting away while the world economy languishes. This is the hidden reality politicians and economists don’t like to share: things are not getting better. If they were, these ships would be underway.

First we find out about the trash continent, now we have this lost armada of consumerism. What else is just languishing out in the ocean, hidden in plain sight?

Thanks, Jill!