A self-described New York City anarchist has been accused of tweeting the location of police officers to protesters trying to evade them during the Group of 20 economic summit in Pittsburgh.

Pennsylvania State Police arrested Elliot Madison alleging he used Twitter to direct the movement of protesters and inform them about law enforcement actions at last month’s summit.Associated Press Wire Service

There is so much to say about this that there is actually little to say. Forgive my Yogi Berra-ness. I’ll just pass along the thoughts of a Huffington Post commentator:

By the way, the Iranian protesters tweeted the actions and events surrounding their stolen election, and we cheered them on. Funny how suddenly Iranians have more rights than Americans in Pittsburgh. The charges better be dropped, and an apology from the police department forthcoming. I’m not holding my breath.Huffington Post user “bugsbonzai”

Don’t forget, the Obama administration thinks so much of the power of Twitter that they actually asked them to delay maintenance to help keep the flow of information coming from inside Iran. So, I ask you, if it is good enough for Iranians, why is it not good enough for Americans?

Perhaps now would be a good time to think about joining the ACLU and the EFF if you haven’t already done so. Along with the Center for Constitutional Rights, these organizations are the last line of defense for these citizens who are out there in the world, making full use of their natural rights and running into the road blocks thrown up by our government. This brings a close to our impromptu pledge drive. Please feel free to move about the cabin.