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Quotable: Christine O’Donnell

Let me just clarify: you are telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the first amendment? That’s in the first amendment?Christine O’Donnell
Republican Senatorial Candidate from Delaware

This is too unbelievable to only see in print. You have to watch the video:

Chris Coons - Christine O'Donnell debate at Widener Law School

My hat is off to you, Chris Coons. For those that have never tried it, it is exceedingly difficult to debate a moron, particularly if you are trying to keep a straight face, not flail your arms about in frustration, or generally avoid the appearance of being mean to the idiot. Your composure in this moment is commendable, sir.

To the larger point here, is this really the best our society has to offer in the way of leadership? Is this “dangerous idiot” really the best conservative in the state of Delaware? If so, how fucking stupid are the citizens of Delaware? It is no wonder our corporations love to be regulated by the laws of that state.

We are doomed if we cannot find better, smarter individuals to run for office, from all across the political spectrum. Clearly, the existing gene pool of politics is polluted. This is not leadership. This isn’t even really a debate. This is the equivalent of taking a stern tone with a kindergartner, except this particular child-mind has a shot at becoming one of one hundred United States Senators. Flying Spaghetti Monster help us!

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A hostile post from a hostile human

In Professor Lafferty's classroom, there are stupid ideas and stupid people, but they still have the right to free speech.

Illustration: Patrick T. Lafferty
Images: New Scientist, Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

In Professor Lafferty's classroom, there are stupid ideas and stupid people, but they still have the right to free speech.

I sat down to write about this post over at Wired’s Threat Level and an entire diatribe on the human condition started pouring out. Not only was that not my point, but worse, it wasn’t a good diatribe. So I’ve boiled it and completely dehydrated it down into the following delicious bouillon cube of humanity:

Human beings are strange creatures. We are inevitably confronted by evil that wells from within us all and that evil is fomented by our waning society. We create false constructs to deal with that evil and place them between ourselves and the other human beings. We do this because many of us don’t recognize the only cure is the antiseptic of understanding and accepting each other. This is the human dilemma.

To my original point, Rep. Linda Sanchez’ (D-Los Angeles) bill (H.R. 1966) is moronic and seems to be striving to make all of us less human through censorship. By her reasoning, this post, designed to “coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person,” warrants my incarceration for up to two years. Please don’t let her stupidity spread beyond the 14 17 (eek! It’s spreading!) co-sponsors of this legislation, conveniently listed for your derision after the jump.

Do us all a favor and hug a human being today. Read the rest of this entry »

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