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Quotable: Tommy Bobo

This is what Kansas Day is all about! Via Facebook.

Happy Kansas Day Eve! Sleep tight and just maybe if you have been a good Kansan, Amelia Earhart will bring you Russell-Stover chocolates. And if you have been a bad Missourian, John Brown will shoot you and your family while you slumber.Tommy Bobo

Kansas Day is January 29th. This will be the 149th anniversary of Kansas’ statehood.

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Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

This makes me feel kinda funny, like when I used to climb the rope in gym class.

Sooo happy! Patrick love KU! KU make Patrick cry!

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Border War doc to air Thanksgiving week

Border War debuts on Metro Sports on Wednesday Nov. 26 at 7:00 PM. It will re-air multiple times on Thanksgiving Day. Border War will also air on Fri. Nov. 28, & Sat Nov. 29.

  • Time Warner KC Ch 30
  • Comcast Ch 258
  • Sunflower Ch 37

Eric Ashel is another proud alumnus of The University of Kansas, a Jayhawk through and through. He was brave enough to venture deep into Tiger country for his documentary, Border War, that purports to dig deep into the roots of the rivalry between The University of Kansas and the University of Missouri, the greatest sports rivalry in the United States. Obviously, I’m completely objective on this issue.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I could hardly be more excited about it. I think it will be the definitive answer to last year’s HBO documentary on the lake party love fest that purports to be the Michigan and The Ohio State University rivalry. I’m counting on this movie to prove, once and for all, that no other rivalry comes close to our athletics, hatred, history and vitriol.

All you far-flung Jayhawks out conquering the broader world should make a point to check it out if you are back home with the family over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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