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Tell me again, why are newspapers failing?

Video: The Daily Show

Evidently, The Times is unfamiliar with The Daily Show.

1) Seriously, Bill Keller, why would you agree to this interview? Did your kids want to see you on the funny news show?

2) Rick Berke: you really never considered that a newspaper contains “aged” news? Your web staff just threw up in their mouths.

3) Kristin Mason: for future reference, the coordination of communications involves the ability to deviate from script.

This was amateur hour with the senior staff of one of the biggest media companies in the world. They got their asses handed to them by the same actor who stole Ted’s fiance on How I Met Your Mother. Perhaps if Keller didn’t spend so much time at the Baghdad bureau, he could turn the news organization he runs into a 21st century operation. Goo.

Disclosure: This was written by someone who occasionally does his own reporting, but usually does get by poking holes in the shoddy work of others.

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Quotable: Michael Lynton

I’m a guy who doesn’t see anything good having come from the Internet, Period.Michael Lynton
Sony Pictures Entertainment chief executive officer

Hmmm, I wonder why mainstream media outlets are behind the curve?

Via BoingBoing

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Nate Martin, now of the Chicago Tribune

Check out my friend Nate‘s big debut in the Chicago Tribune, Creative hosts conjure recession-friendly entertainment. No, this is not Nate’s typical work delving into guerilla warfare, house music, international couch surfing and the intersections contained therein, but hey, it is the eighth-largest daily newspaper in the country. Well done, Nate! Keep digging your fangs into the msm and eventually, you might just seep into their bloodstream!

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