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U.S. corporations upset over restrictions on child slavery

Rachel Maddow: Slavery still has defenders?

Sure, that sounds like an inflammatory headline. Hell, it is an inflammatory headline! It just happens to be true. Unfortunately, this information comes from a subscription-only newsletter, Inside U.S. Trade, so I can’t link you to a primary source. We are stuck taking the word of David Sirota and Rachel Maddow, unless one of my intrepid readers happens to have a copy laying around and wants to scan it for me. Here is the quote from Sirota’s post (link below is to his post, as well): Read the rest of this entry »

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Quotable: David Sirota

America is Amerika, and throughout Washington a socialist rallying cry echoes: Politicians and lobbyists of the world unite! — unite to rescue Wall Street capitalists with a $700 billion taxpayer bailout.

Though socialism seems new in the U.S., it isn’t. Using public resources and government power to control the economy is as Amerikan as the Pentagon and the Patent Office. And the problem is not socialism itself, but our uniquely destructive version of it. Amerika’s is not the democratic socialism of many countries. Ours is kleptocratic socialism — the objective is theft.

Close a factory in socialist Denmark, and workers get immediate government help, along with their free health care.

Shutter one in Ohio, and workers get nothing, except politicians saying their jobs are never returning and national health care is “unaffordable.” But if investment banks teeter, those same politicians quickly find billions for bailouts.David Sirota

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