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Quotable – New York Magazine Editors

Murdoch, Zuckerman, and Dolan

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Murdoch, Zuckerman, and Dolan

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When rich men smile at you like this, it’s time to run.New York Magazine Editorial Staff

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Casting light where there is none

I am jazzed about the idea of podcasting at KU. I feel giddy at the thought of it. It is the first time since coming to the j-school that I feel able to make a significant impact on the larger University community. Kick back and relax as I scoop my podcasting partners and myself. Back in February, KUJH-TV news kicked all non-journalism students off the air, shifting the focus of the station exclusively to informational programming. In doing so, film students lost a major resource for showcasing their creativity. Podcasting has the power to right this wrong.

Dan Ryckert from his former sketch comedy show “Foghat Live”

Photo: Scott McClurg/Journal-World Photo

Dan Ryckert from his former sketch comedy show “Foghat Live”

I propose the creation of By providing a venue such as this, the creative forces in the University community will be able to put their productions out there for the world to see. This is something that can work for film students, radio DJs, or political scientists that want to host a weekly talk show. The possibilities are limitless. Just think of it: a student-run radio talk show that doesn’t have to worry about FCC fines if someone drops an F-bomb. For journalists, we can conduct interviews that delve into a depth unheard of in other broadcast media. Think of the truly unique programming of which I cannot conceive, but has been languishing in the back of the mind of a voiceless student. I am all atwitter as I type the thought. This is the free exchange of ideas that should be at the forefront of every University. This is power to the people. This is where you just might get to hear your favorite Irish pirate discuss the pros and cons of “acoustic bangs” on cruise ships and why it might not be a good idea to sail off the coast of Somalia. There should be some editorial oversight. I suggest a student position, akin to that of a Kansan editor, which would be based in The Stauffer Multimedia Newsroom. Given that this is a web platform, there is no need for heavy editorial oversight. Rather, only the most egregious of content should be culled, including the twin threats of libel and slander. This idea is something that can be implemented immediately. We have none of the technological barriers faced by some. We just need the content. Do you have a great idea for a show that the hipsters at KJHK won’t want to air? Are you a former KUJH contributor that lost your show? Are you a freshman in the dorm that always wanted to host your version of Letterman from the commons area of your floor? Here is your chance. I am actively pursuing content. The more the merrier.

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