That headline neatly paraphrases Senator Max Baucus’ “Framework For Comprehensive Health Reform” insofar as it pertains to the American public. I’ll let you read it for yourself (PDF), if you are so inclined, but here are the key points that make it worthy of outright dismissal:

    1) It contains no public option.
    2) Employers are not required to provide you health insurance.
    3) If you are uninsured, you are fined $750/year/individual and $3800/year/family.

Not only does this not help the 45 million uninsured Americans or the 150+ million under-insured Americans, it doesn’t help small businesses and it doesn’t help doctors, either. Not to mention the standard of health care in this country, which is already a joke in the industrialized world.

Senator Baucus, if you think this plan is so fantastic, implement it immediately for yourself and your fellow Senators. But it sure as hell isn’t good enough for me or any of my friends and family. And one last thing, Senator: if they had the money to pay your proposed fine, the uninsured would have bought health insurance, you fucking prick detestable corporate swine!

Am I really the only one feeling some populist rage about this? What better place than here? What better time than now?

Edit: It should be noted that Baucus’ plan was supposed to be the reasoned answer, the great compromise that would bring everyone in from the cold.

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