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Even Charlie Rose needs to tussle…

I am a regular viewer of Charlie Rose. His stately manner and deep sourcing always provide insight and entertainment. I was quite surprised earlier this week when I tuned in and found Mr. Rose appearing to be fresh from a run-in with the Van Buren Boys. I was very curious how he got the shiner, but didn’t bother to look it up. Today, the answer found me.

Charlie Rose + Macbook Air = One hell of a shiner.

Image: Engadget

Charlie Rose + Macbook Air = One hell of a shiner.

Evidently, he bit the dust after stepping in a pothole while walking home with his Macbook Air. Charlie is a gadget-head and opted to protect his new toy rather than his face. Regardless of your views of the Air, you must respect the effort. According to his producers,

The Macbook Air is fine, he showed us the blood stains on it this morning.

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In honor of the SDK…

Current: Gates vs. Jobs

This is another oldie, but goodie, that my office mate brought back to my attention today. My personal favorite: the finder.Those of you that don’t have the pleasure/pain of living in both the Mac and PC world might not enjoy this as much as those of us that do.

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When novelty isn’t that cool

The only thing better than making a wish list is making a wish list to be purchased with someone else’s money. I better get this out in the open right now: I am a tech-head. When someone asks me what to buy in the tech world, I get a bit weak in the knees. But when Uncle Rick asked me about cell phone cameras, I just didn’t feel that oomph that I get from, say, a TiVo purchase or a stand-alone digital camera.

That said, the idea of an all-in-one device -€“ mp3 player, cell phone, digital still/video camera, and pda -€“ is very appealing. I just haven’t seen anything yet that really impresses me. The new Rokr phone, also known as the Itunes phone, is nowhere near worth running out to buy. Sure, it is cool that you can answer a call while listening to your music. But there are many points that I see as very “uncool”.

You have to wear those stupid earbuds that also have a dangling microphone on them and the device only holds 100 songs. For those of us with sizeable digital music collections (I am holding strong at 25,000-plus mp3s) narrowing that down to 100 songs to take with you hardly seems feasible, let alone worthy of the expense. Not to mention the “sort of” bluetooth technology that works for voice, but does not work for the music.

Of most interest to journalists, the camera of the Rokr seems pretty good and does shoot both stills and video. But if you are listening to your music and then the phone rings, how are you supposed to use the camera at the same time? Can you manage to get the shot without getting tangled up in the headphones?

I’m not saying I need all of my music with me at all times, or need to use all of my technology simultaneously, but we have the technology, so why not use it? There are other phones out there that can hold as many as 1,000 songs. For you mac-ers or mac-ees or whatever you call yourselves, no, they don’t have the intrepid design of the Itunes phone. Call me crazy, but I would rather have my choice of 10 times the music than the rather boring layout of the Ipod. I would rather a company give me far too many options than a half-assed attempt at ingenuity. No, seriously, call me crazy. I dare you.

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