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Quotable: Deborah Solomon

I ask people to think thoroughly when they’re speaking to me, and to make sense. Is that tough?Deborah Solomon
Author, The New York Times Magazine’s “Questions For”

This should not be a novel concept. This is the very foundation of what “reporting” should be, “go find out what happened”. But what I really like about her is that Solomon doesn’t seem to think there is anything exemplary about what she does. Nor should she; extraordinary <> exemplary. All in a days work when one asks questions for a living.

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A transparent look at our penal colony

Video: GOOD

Jailbirds, from the GOOD show Transparency

Take a moment and watch this great (and brief) entry from the GOOD series Transparency entitled “Jailbirds”. The production values alone make it worth watching. By no means is this an in-depth (and therefore, more damning) look at our penal system, but even these prima facie points compel change.

[Unfortunately, Good pulled the embedding feature off this video, so you can’t see it here anymore. You can still check it out on the Good site.]

Given the devastating losses in public education funding (1, 2, 3) we are seeing across the nation, don’t you think it is time we reconsider our draconian penal system? That says nothing of the embarrassment that we, the land of the free, jail more people than China and Russia combined.

This needs to change. Leadership needs to occur at the state level, a pulpit much more easily managed by the populace. A few key decisions by a Governor can turn these horrible statistics around. Let’s get started!

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Quotable –

Edit: 5:51 PM CDT, 12/12/2008: The Coal Carolers have been taken down. Victory!?!

Bile…rising in throat…

The Clean Coal Carolers singing 'Frosty the Coal Man'

The Clean Coal Carolers singing 'Frosty the Coal Man'

Frosty the Coal Man is a jolly happy soul. He’s abundant here in America and he helps our economy grow…there must have been some magic in clean coal technology, for when they looked for pollutants, there were nearly none to see…The Clean Coal Carolers

Note: there is no such thing as clean coal.

Thanks, Sim!

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