If you ever needed evidence why corporations do not have inalienable rights, look no further than the Corn Refiners Association and their ad campaign. You’ve probably seen their ads on TV and I’m certain you’ve consumed their favorite product, High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). They claim it is “all natural”, but I ask you this, where can I go find the HFCS growing in the fields?

Anywhooo…turns out that a great deal of the HFCS on the market is contaminated with mercury. You know, that stuff they used in thermometers until they realized it was so toxic that it is unsafe to put anywhere near you, even encased in glass. It is so toxic that if it is spilled, it requires a hazardous materials team to clean it up. Your friend, the corn refiner, has been making sure you get copious amounts of it in your system by making sure that HFCS is in almost all processed foods you can buy today. The dangers have been known for years. The refiners are just recently actively advertising their product to save face from the scientific facts emerging.

I have the feeling this is going to turn out like asbestos: ubiquitous, government-sanctioned and deadly. Take a look at the labels of your favorite food. Odds are, it has HFCS in it. Do yourself a favor: throw out the HFCS and read the labels before you buy.

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