Basically, McCain seems like a mean, out of touch, old man and neither he, nor Obama, seem specific enough about anything. These debates aren’t real debate. If I wanted stump speeches, I could get them anytime from the candidates’ web sites. I want actual, face to face debate where the candidates refer to each other by their given names and not as “my opponent” and “that one” and they actually answer real questions from a strong moderator.

I would honestly love to see us use the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman as a moderator for our debates. All politicians would quiver in their shoes at the thought of facing his *gasp* actual questions. We should force our candidates to put themselves to the hazard and that never happens in these debates. That is the very least that should be required to pass the public opinion gauntlet.

After the jump, some of Jeremy Paxman’s best. This, my fellow Americans, is what journalism can and should look like on television. Read the rest of this entry »

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