Jim Cramer on The Daily Show - Part 1

In this day and age, we find ourselves in an odd world. The people that run around calling themselves journalists are actually much more interested in entertaining their audience than providing insightful reporting. At the same time, our comedians, traditionally the group charged with “entertaining”, find themselves the only truth-tellers left on the block. From David Letterman’s gutting of John McCain to last night, when Jon Stewart captured the populist outrage and unleashed it on CNBC via surrogate JIm Cramer, the comedian has become a last bastion of journalistic truth in this insane society.

I’m with Stewart: I wish journalists would ask incisive questions rather than have a financial news network full of bobble-headed bimbos reading press releases to the frothing masses that make up the financial industry. But until that time comes, I’m thankful to have modern American heros like Letterman and Stewart, stepping into the gaping chasm that should be filled by the Fourth Estate. Kudos and thanks to you, Jon Stewart. Keep fighting the good fight!

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