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Good news! Climate change isn’t your fault!

The Great Global Warming Swindle

This is a very interesting look at the “global warming” phenomena from BBC’s Channel 4. It showcases the argument that the changing climate of the Earth has almost nothing to do with mankind, an argument that you rarely hear discussed in any sort of detail in mainstream media, especially in the United States. It also delves into the political history of the issue, highlighting the comical political pairing of Margaret Thatcher with extreme leftists and the anti-humanitarian implications of the movement for the third world. It is definitely worth watching.

Thanks, Joel!

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Joel Sweeney featured in The Blotter

I’ve pointed out my good friend Joel’s poetry before and he is at it again. This time, Joel has three pieces published in the October issue of the North Carolina regional mag, The Blotter. Check out the entire mag at their site, or you can download a PDF of the October issue. Keep up the good work, Joel!

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He was from Wisconsin…err…Illinois

My good friend Joel has one of his poems, “He was from Wisconsin“, published in the current issue of the webzine Zygote In My Coffee. Remember his name, folks. There is a deep well of greatness there.

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