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Vote for Baby Mangino!

Bissinger vs. Baby Mangino. Image: Gawker

Image: Gawker

Bissinger vs. Baby Mangino

I must point you to the only national championship that matters, the Deadspin Sports Human of the Year (SHOTY) championship. This year, it is Buzz Bissinger vs. the beloved Baby Mangino. It doesn’t matter if you know anything about Bissinger or Baby Mangino. Get over to Deadspin and vote for the best baby-dressed-as-a-sports-celebrity ever!

Thanks, Elizabeth!

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Baby Mangino: better than the e-trade baby?


Image: Deadspin

Baby Mangino!

Clearly, this is one of the best Halloween costumes ever. Definitely worth clicking the pic to see the side-by-side. Enjoy!

Thanks, Elizabeth!

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