Mark Crispin Miller addresses the crowd at the NYC CAN March.
September 27, 2009

Mark Crispin Miller is professor of media studies at New York University. He is kind of a big deal in the deep thinking media world and his work is cited all over my Master’s thesis. Why do I mention this? Because he is not afraid to sign the 9-11 truth statement, just as no one should be. Check out his impassioned speech at the NYC CAN march above. NYC CAN is the organization I mentioned on September 11 that is pushing the ballot initiative in New York City for a new initial investigation into 9-11 (sign the petition supporting the initiative, only if you live in one of the five burroughs of NYC). It is about damn time.

It looks like there could be a ruling as to whether the ballot initiative can continue as early as tomorrow. Keep on truckin’, MCM!

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