Has anyone else noticed that all the play-by-play thus far during the Olympics has originated out of New York? I’m not talking about Bob Costas, Matt Lauer and their new best-friend, Mr. Translator. They are all important enough to warrant a ticket to Beijing. But not the poor folks calling the Women’s Saber event or the Women’s Air Rifle. They are stuck in a studio in New York watching the satellite feed with the rest of us.

Is this a cost-cutting maneuver by NBC/Universal/GE? Is it a result of the “green is universal” charade? Is it a security concern? Are these “journalists” worried about saying the wrong thing on the air and being detained by Chinese authorities? I know I would be. I don’t know if there is a slew of articles out there talking about this very topic, but its too late and I’m too tired to look right now. So, if you know, let me know, won’t you?

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