Dear reader,
I’ve been getting some decent traffic levels and have been trying to figure out if I should advertise on the site or set up a tip jar or what. I’ve had requests to advertise on the site, but the deals never panned out. I’ve also had inquiries about a tip jar. Recently, Jon Taplin was facing a similar dilemma and he went with a tip jar. His rationale makes a lot of sense to me. “…When I look at some friend’s blogs with Google ads, it just seems stupid. As we talk about the sub prime mortgage crisis, ads would appear offering sub prime mortgages.”

That wouldn’t jibe with my philosophy, either. So, I am now the proud owner of a PayPal tip jar. You can find it above the search box. I cannot stress this enough: no pressure. If you like what you are seeing and want to throw some e-coin my way, wonderful. If you love what you are seeing and don’t want to give me a dime, wonderful. I do this for the benefit of humanity. Any filthy lucre would just be gravy. Thank you for your consideration.


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