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What’s the worst that could happen?

Via: @thenation

What's the worst that could happen? See below. (9:33)

Wow, I’m coming late to this party, too. This video (above) is, evidently, a couple years old and allegedly has over 7.5 million views on YouTube and inspired a book. It is, in short, the most concise and compelling argument for action on climate change I’ve seen. If you need something a bit more flesh and bone, you simply must check out the episode of PBS’ NOW from October 23, 2009 on the “catastrophic climate destabilization” in Bangladesh. Put these two videos together and the titular question is answered.

Now, ask yourself why these things are not paired together on the evening news?

NOW: Water World - The horrible future predicted in climate change forecasts has already dramatically altered life in Bangladesh. (25:35)

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Sarah Palin unfamiliar with U.S. Constitution

Sarah Palin thinks the VP runs the U.S. Senate.

Many out there are making a big deal about the fact that Palin has been “applying” for the VP job for six weeks and still doesn’t know what that job entails. While that is a valid point, the critique of Palin doesn’t go deep enough. Every citizen should know what the vice president does, let alone the governor of the largest state in the union. That is not an unreasonable expectation. I’m not asking for every one of us to be a policy wonk or to even have a firm grasp on how a bill becomes a law. My expectations of our educational system have been so diminished that I will settle for a basic understanding of the separation of powers.

Then again, Palin only seems to have become conscious of the world outside the pageant circuit (and even worse, the TV anchor circuit) during the Bush administration. She has only known a bigger world under the vader-esque power of Dick Cheney. I certainly don’t want any Vice President to have the power Cheney and his black heart (no, really) have exerted, let alone the insane expansion of power that Palin’s idiocy would suggest. This begs the question: with a role model like Cheney, can we really blame her? Let me stop you right there…yes, we can.

I just can’t picture Palin in the cloak room saying to Patrick Leahy, “fuck yourself!” In fact, the image that comes to mind when you think about Sarah Palin in the Senate is not her palling around with that bunch of corporate shills making policy. Instead, it is a bunch of patriarchs patting her on the forehead and suggesting that she get back to playing her flute and counting her oil dollars. You betcha!

I find her candidacy offensive. She is disturbingly uneducated and culturally illiterate. I think the biggest problem (and least reported issue) with Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama is his throw-away comment that implicitly gives a modicum of credence to Palin’s selection, saying, “She’s a very distinguished woman, and she’s to be admired.”

No, she is not. Her candidacy is indefensible.

Election to public office does not distinguish you. Her behavior in our modern bloodsport, in every political Coliseum across the country, is not admirable. She is an abomination.

I cannot imagine how anyone could vote for McCain knowing that she is a heartbeat away from ruling the “free” world. If you intend to do just that, please explain it to me in the comments section. I really and truly would like to understand your rational for such behavior.

After the jump, a video that Palin absolutely needs to watch and we all could use as a civics refresher course. Read the rest of this entry »

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Amory Lovins for President

Eco-Tech: Amory Lovins discusses the future of the automobile

Amory is the co-founder and Chief Scientist for the Rocky Mountain Institute. I’ve been following this excellent American ever since I spotted him on The Science Channel’s Eco-Tech, talking about how our cars only use .03% (that’s three hundredths of one percent) of the fuel to move the car’s driver. The rest is lost to moving the heavy vehicle itself and to the inefficiencies of the internal combustion engine. Watch this fascinating segment above.

Evidently, I was very late in jumping on the Lovins bandwagon. He has been the authoritative voice on U.S. energy policy since 1976, as I learned from this recent clip (below) from the Charlie Rose show (July 15, 2008) The interview runs about 28 minutes and every minute is informative and exhilarating. Hope has that effect on me.

Charlie Rose: Conversation with Amory Lovins (07/15/2008)

These days, it is exceedingly difficult to find reasons to be proud to be an American. I’m sure to get a lot of blowback from my “conservative” readers (Hi Dad! Hi Grandpa!) for saying that, but it is my truth and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Hell, ask Michelle Obama. (note: I think it was very brave of her to say what she said about her American pride. The truth shall set us free.)

My point, which I will now finally illuminate, is that Amory Lovins is a great reason to be both proud to be an American and incredibly frustrated with where we are today in America. He’s been saying the same things for the last 30+ years and his ideas have been unable to gain appreciable traction until…wait for it…starting…now. I don’t imagine he would ever enter the political sphere as a candidate, but his vision and wisdom are both vital to the future of the United States. Can you say Secretary of Energy? Dream a little dream and it may come true. What a wonderful world that could be, eh? Watch these videos and then study up on what the RMI is up to, won’t you?

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