After the disgust of the Pittsburgh police state, I had to take a step back for a couple days and catch my breath. I’ve been camped out over at Digital Newsgathering, my good friend Girl Journalist‘s Journalism 226 class at San Francisco State University. I’m a com/mentor for the students’ blogs. So far, so good. Feel free to follow the development of these burgeoning journalists (the student blogs are listed in the blogroll at the main site).

You also may have noticed the enhancements I’ve made around here over the past week or so (thanks for putting up with any loose code you may have seen laying around while visiting the site). I moved the mantras up in the sidebar, added a “Feature” section to highlight critical issues/stories, created a permanent place for viewing each new daily episode of Democracy Now! and added a bigger “Subscribe” button to the header (and a social “gutter” under each post). I’m very pleased with how it all came together, but let me know what you think in the comments section.

We now resume our regular blogging schedule.

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