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SNL understands national security threats better than most

Saturday Night Live: China would like their money back.

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I’ve got a fever! The only prescription? My 100th post!

More cowbell, indeed.

More cowbell, indeed.

Damn, I love me some Christopher Walken. Now you can get all the cowbell you need. Just go to and upload any mp3. The site adds cowbell in just the right places, along with a healthy dose of Walkenization. You can then download the mp3 and get your cowbell’d music fix for years to come. Personally, I’m thinking this might be a great way to spice up boring lectures that you’ve recorded.

What a great day! Not only is this my 100th post on the site (W00t!), the world did not implode, and now this essential tool? Phantastich! But be forewarned: the site is a little too popular for its own good, so response times can be slow.

Edit: Evidently, some people don’t get what I’m talking about. For those of you scratching your heads, please take a moment to check out the glorious cowbell skit.

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