We'll see. We'll see.

I’ve been seeing far too many people saying they are glad the election is over. They are excited because “now life can go back to normal.” I’ve also heard (and seen) many progressives out there getting a little too excited about Obama’s election. I’m hopeful that change is coming, but let’s be pragmatic here, people. Obama just spent more than anyone in the history of the world to get elected. He voted for the bailout of Wall St. He also voted in favor of granting immunity to the telecom industry for their part in illegal wiretapping of all Americans. There is a lot of “same” in this “change”. I’m not saying that things aren’t going to get better. I just think we all need to keep our head on a swivel and keep this new hope alive by not allowing it to get bogged down in the politics and policies of the same.

That said, I am excited to see the strong moves he has made on the transition front. In particular, I am impressed by the creation of It is the web home of the Obama transition team, created to allow us to track the transition. Additionally, it actually asks for citizen input on the transition. However nominal an act, this “megaphone” created by the burgeoning Obama administration is there to listen to the traditionally voiceless public. This, coming even after getting elected, is a good thing. It hearkens back to the days of Andrew Jackson’s big cheese day. Yes, West Wing fans, there actually was a big block of cheese, open to the public, in the White House foyer., just like Jackson’s public cheesing, exists ostensibly so the public can feel connected to the powerful. With that in mind, please remember to keep your head on a swivel, keep your mouth to the earpiece and don’t be so giddy about the prospect of change that you forget to demand real change.

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