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Same as the old boss…

The Daily Show - You're Frodo!

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Mick Foley hired to defend Real American Hero Will Phillips

Jon Stewart has called upon professional wrestler Mick Foley to defend 10-year-old Will Phillips from homophobic slurs used against him following his refusal to recite the pledge of allegiance in protest of gay discrimination.

After my blogging and tweeting marathon this weekend (back-to-back record-setting days of traffic) and the disgusting content contained therein, I thought it was time for some good news and a couple laughs. Bring on Mick Foley and some more Will Phillips! I introduced you to young Will two weeks ago and the story has just grown since then. He really has become a bit of a folk hero and deservedly so!

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Jon Stewart focuses the Palin problem

The Daily Show - The Rogue Warrior

As much as I’d like to write another scathing diatribe on the most-favored dullard vacuously promenading around the mainstream media these days, I’ll just kick back and let Jon Stewart skewer Alaska’s quitter-in-chief. Enjoy! See you around Circus Maximus!

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