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Purging the 2009 story hopper

For various reasons, these stories and videos never made their way into posts this year, though they were all worthy. This is in no way intended as your typical PR, tactical news dump. These are important stories that I actually want you to read. I just needed to clean out the hopper for the new year. So, please take your time and dig through these links and videos. There’s even some “feel good” links mixed in for good measure! Happy New Year!

Monsanto: Farmer suicides in India

The World According To Monsanto, Part 1

Elizabeth Warren on the Economy

Bill to “ban” organic farming

Monsanto’s dream bill

Buy “The World According To Monsanto”

Making the TransAfghanistan pipeline safe for democracy

Stop making sense by digby

In search of morale: are Americans too broken for the truth to set us free?

Who should resist and who will become serfs?

Why is America apathetic? Aww, screw it. Who cares?

From EFF’s secret files: Anatomy of a bogus subpoena

What do ISPs charge the law to spy on you?

Vienna students march on US embassy (in solidarity with UC students)

Waterboarding the rule of law

Spain investigates what America should

Amy Goodman and Canada’s Olympic Paranoia

Time Warner and Embarq can’t compete with city-owned ISP, trying to outlaw it

Cablevision power play: 101 Mbps Internet, no caps, $99

Parkinson’s Dirty Deal, Part 1

Student hoaxes world’s media on Wikipedia

Buggy ‘smart meters’ open door to power-grid botnet

Time Warner cable cannot possibly compete with the small city of Wilson, North Carolina

Literary Lessons: Authors, Poet write the news

FCC to examine mobile phone exclusives

Comics artist Mark Sable detained for Unthinkable acts

Should linking be illegal?

Bush’s secret NSA spying may have tainted prosecutions, report warns

Free the patents and laws, activist tells the Feds

Birth of new species witnessed by scientists [evolution in action]

Clinic with two doors, a symbol of two-tier care

Corporations rule (II): Walmart can close stores in Canada to block unions

Democracy Now! covers Olympic security

US forgoes billions in tax on Citi

Feds ‘pinged’ Sprint GPS data 8 million times over a year

American’s consume 34 Gb of content per day

Millions of missing Bush administration emails found

Scott Demuth’ statement on facing terrorism charges [graduate student charged as terrorist for not revealing his research sources]

The credit card’s newest trick: 79.9 percent interest

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“The situation ended without incident as students gradually left the scene.”

This policeman is captured on film as he is about to smash his baton down upon his victim on Friday, November 20, 2009, outside Wheeler Hall on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

Image: @thedailyclog

This policeman is captured on film as he is about to smash his baton down upon his victim on Friday, November 20, 2009, outside Wheeler Hall on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley.

The headline here is taken from CNN’s shameful coverage of the events of the past week at the University of California system. It refers specifically to a UCLA protest, while the image above comes from UC Berkeley, but it is apropos nonetheless. Remember, the UCLA protest included students being maced, beaten with batons, tasered, and arrested. There is no bastardized version of the English language in which it is possible to make such incidents equate linguistically to “ended without incident.”

CNN is lying to you. MSNBC makes no mention(1, 2) of the police brutality in California or New York City. Fox News? They have been hosting a 24/7 webcam feed for over a year so they can keep an eye on the protesters outside the Marine recruiting station in Berkeley, but they have not made a single mention of the UC protests, at least nowhere I can find online. And of course no one is talking about the students in Vienna marching on the US embassy in support of the UC uprising or the occupations of the various Universities across Europe or how this is a global movement in favor of free or cheap education.

Corporate media are not interested in giving you the truth. They have a singular interest: maximizing profit for their shareholders. That’s why you should consider donating to independent media outlets, places like Democracy Now!, IndyMedia and little ol’ me! If you find yourself at a site that is giving you information that you are not getting from CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and their ilk, throw a dollar or two at the proprietor of the site. You would be amazed at how far that would go if everyone did that. So, check out my brand new, ass-kicking, Ruth Gator Binsburg donation button if you are so inclined. But even if you can’t spare a square, keep fighting the good fight!

Thanks, @erinacb!

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SWAT team ends occupation at UC Berkeley; 41 arrested

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Image: @SubMedina aka “Gunga Din”

A SWAT team enters the room barricaded by student protesters in Wheeler Hall on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, effectively ending their protest of a 32 percent increase in tuition and fees handed down by the California Board of Regents in an attempt to solve the state budget crisis.

In case you missed it: UC Berkeley students occupied Wheeler Hall today in protest of the California Board of Regents decision to increase tuition and fees by 32 percent. Their protest was broken up around 5:00 PM PST when, as you can see in the image above, a SWAT team was sent in to remove them from the premises. 41 protesters have been arrested thus far according to UC Berkeley reprentative Dan Mogulof. Here is a link to a very myopic report from CNN that fails to mention the tasering, baton beatings, rubber bullet shootings, broken bones or any of the other violence meted out by University of California Police throughout the day today (some pics after the jump). I have a source who was at the protest at UCLA and I’m working on getting a first-hand report for you ASAP, in addition to some images.

I will also revisit this with some more introspection on the dearth of wisdom in taxing students to pay for what would otherwise be the world’s tenth largest economy. In the meantime, you can follow all the latest developments on my twitter feed. I’ve set up a list just for this topic at Cal Student Uprising and as I find more relevant tweeps, I’ll be updating the list. Now, click “read more” for the pics and I leave you with the chant of the day from the protests:

No Cuts, No Fees, Education Should Be Free!

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