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March 4: two campuses, two experiences

I received the following update and photo gallery from my cousin, Kat Williams, who is a doctoral candidate at UCLA:

We had fun yesterday [Ed. March 4]. I made the banners. Actions were fairly decentralized. My department lost the big march early on as we were carrying large drums. We had a nice slow-motion procession through Royce Quad carrying the banners in a line. Lots of people taking pictures, though I haven’t seen any yet. Then we met up with other protesters for the sit-in at the Chancellor’s office, bringing a dance party to that hot hallway. You can find video of it on Facebook. [Ed. I haven’t found this yet video at The Daily Bruin.] While there, we also did a couple of rounds of Guerilla Yoga Drill to bring some meditative mindfulness to the sit-in. Though asked not to leave, we took our dance party/march to south campus and the court of sciences. About 8 bike cops were following us until we did more Guerilla Yoga Drills, then they took off. We headed back to our recently-renovated million dollar lawn (Dickson Plaza) for a picnic. We spotted Peter McLaren on the way and brought him along for a sandwich. Good times in the fight for public education. We took this quote as our guide:

“If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be a part of your revolution.” -Emma GoldmanKat Williams
UCLA doctoral candidate, folklorist

Video: AggieTV

Excellent student journalism from UC Davis' AggieTV. Watch as UC Davis students peacefully march and protest in support of public education. Eventually, they encounter police in riot gear who beat the students with batons, shoot them with pepper balls and use TASERs on the students (only one TASER is visible in the video, though the sickening sound of the TASER is quite audible in the background). Uploaded to bring this video out from behind the walls of Facebook.

And then, there was UC Davis. Another case study in how a police force can commit acts of violence and terror against a student population, release a statement saying that “no one was injured”, get it reported by the mainstream media to the entire world and everyone can just switch back to watching The Bachelor. Take a look at the on-the-scene reporting from UC Davis’ AggieTV with reporters Ericka So and Nicki Sun. They did an excellent job of bringing the story to the world. Ms. So and Ms. Sun did a far better job than the pap I saw on CNN anchored by Ali Velshi on March 4 and continue to find on right now.

Really CNN? The lead point in the headline is that traffic is snarled? Not that police beat a female student unconscious (see video) with a baton at UC Davis? Oh yeah, you COMPLETELY LEFT THAT OUT OF YOUR REPORTING. Why CNN refuses to report on police brutality against American students continues to elude me. Honestly, if there is an explanation other than that they implicitly support a fascist police state, please leave it in the comments because I am all eyes and ears!

The key phrase to listen for in the video is “You guys ready to augment?” That is when the shit is about to hit the fan. I guess any of you potential protesters out there should memorize that phrase and know to cover your soft bits if you hear it.

When confronted with these two divergent experiences within the same University system, it is important to remember that March 4 wasn’t just about these two campuses. It was a nationwide Day of Action.

There have been clashes with police. Most notable was the takeover of a freeway in Oakland which ended, one officer estimated, in 150 arrests. One student was injured in that incident, though reports differ as to the severity of his injuries. Students were also arrested or detained in New York, in Michigan, and elsewhere, though rarely in large numbers…[but] today’s protesters rarely articulated immediate demands, and administrators rarely engaged with them. Today was more about activists talking to each other, working with each other, than it was about talking to or working with — or working to overthrow — university power structures. That part comes later. That part starts March 5.Angus Johnston
Historian, Blogger

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Gallery: AP Photos of UCLA student being tasered

Here is some photographic proof of UCLA student Rustin O’Neil being tasered on November 19, 2009. You already saw the video evidence of another UCLA victim being tasered on November 20. UCLA officials now admit that two students were tasered on Wednesday, November 18, so that brings my count to four. As I mentioned earlier, I’m still working on getting some more info from my UCLA source which might bump that number up even higher. Did I mention that UCLA initially denied that anyone was tasered? LAist has them admitting to the two victims on Wednesday, but in an official press release from Thursday, they make no mention of anyone being subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of electrocution simply for exercising their first amendment rights.

Kudos to LAist for pointing out the memo from TASER International, Inc. that specifically warns users of their products to avoid aiming it at the chest of their victims. Oops, looks like the UCPD cop is actually tasing Mr. O’Neil directly over his heart in the first image of the gallery above. He might be one of the few students who will be able to afford the 32 percent tuition hike after winning his lawsuit against UCLA and their draconian police force.

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Footage: UCLA students maced, tasered, struck with batons

UCLA students were maced while University of California Regents fled into a building.

Information Source: College News

Police beat their batons and tasers against students and barricades. 14 students were arrested and at least two were tasered at UCLA today.

This is footage of the Regents escaping in their vans and the end of this video includes what seems to be a very suspicious moment that I'm calling a probable tasering. The students seem very upset and there seems to be someone injured while the police sheepishly withdraw. You be the judge.

One of many attempts by the UCLA students to block the University of California Regents' vans. Here, they chant “shame on you”.

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