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“Secret” Congressional reports leak; free information wins!

The resources of Congress are now at <em>your</em> fingertips!

The resources of Congress are now at your fingertips!

Wikileaks received a momentous leak last week. 6,780 reports, current as of this month, comprising over 127,000 pages of material on some of the most contentious issues of the day (U.S. – Israel relations, financial collapse, etc.) found their way into the public’s hands through the site.

Nearly 2,300 of the reports were updated in the last 12 months, with the oldest dating to 1990. The release represents the total output of the Congressional Research Service (CRS) electronically available to Congressional offices.

Although all CRS reports are legally in the public domain, they are quasi-secret because the CRS, as a matter of policy, makes the reports available only to members of Congress, Congressional committees and select sister agencies such as the GAO.Wikileaks

This is a huge deal. Unfortunately, the MSM hasn’t uttered a peep about it as far as I can tell. This information has been purposefully kept from public eyes for years by the likes of Ted Stevens and his ilk. This major resource now rests in the hands of the public. Let’s see what we can do with it.

A couple of my favorite reports thus far: State Unemployment Fund Data and Would a Housing Crash Cause a Recession? You can download the entire report via this torrent or you can download a 2.2 GB zip file directly from here. More download options are available here.

Take a moment to cast an eye towards what Congress actually knows. It might surprise you just how far astray they lead us.

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